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A family history sculped in marble

Since 1970 we have been extracting and working with carrara marble with care and passion

The love for this material was born in the 1960s when the founder of the company, Ferruccio Corsi, began working in the world of marble. An indissoluble bond is created immediately, which over the years is consolidated more and more to the point of being passed on to today's generations.

The company was founded in the 70s, initially it specialized only in the marketing, both in Italy and abroad, of blocks and slabs made of materials from all over the world. Subsequently, the love for Carrara marble, combined with the desire to own an exclusive material such as Cremo Delicato, led us to acquire the first owned quarry located in Ponti di Vara.

The philosophy



Marmi di Vara has been extracting marble professionally for over 50 years, respecting the environment and current regulations, and it does so with extreme care and precision.



We strongly believe in the concept of sustainability and for this reason we only use innovative machinery and technologies with a low environmental impact and we carefully monitor the entire production cycle.


Made in Carrara

We have made the concept of the supply chain a real business model. We believe it is of great importance that the Apuo-Versilian territory and in particular Carrara be involved in every production phase.



Thanks to our commitment to comply with environmental and safety at work regulations, our subsidiary Cremomarmi s.r.l. has obtained ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 environmental and safety at work certifications.

Oriented to innovation but keepers of traditions

Tradition, awareness and expertise, combined with continuous investment in new technologies, have allowed us to grow and improve day after day.

We not only extract the marble but we personally take care of its processing into slabs before being marketed. This formula distinguishes us and allows us to follow your every order with care, attention and professionalism.

An open-air show

Carrara marbles are the expression of a natural, ancient and immortal charm

Fascinating and rich in history, Carrara marble is renowned all over the world thanks to its particular nuances and veins that make it unique in its kind.

To distinguish it from all other marbles, however, is its very fine grain that makes it particularly resistant. This characteristic means that even in the architectural field, Carrara marble represents the best choice. Long-lived and precious, this extraordinary marble can be transformed into various types of work and laid without the need to use resins.




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Everything is in the marble, it is enough to know how to find it.

Michelangelo Buonarroti

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